Independent Contractor

In the current scenario, where finding highly skilled talent has become very difficult, getting efficient and risk free independent contractors is vital for any organization. However, many companies feel that engaging independent contractors is complex and fraught with costs and risk. Most of these organizations are not totally updated with the latest developments in the regulations and end up penalized due to improper classification.

Applogic Systems provides independent contractor solutions with an in depth knowledge of accessing ICs and freelancers with minimum risk of penalties. We are a leading agency that provides independent contractor solutions with efficient means to classify the workforce. We ensure that our clients get maximum benefit without risks.

Applogic Systems has developed a customized software that is based on IRS guidelines. With the help of this software and our professionals, Applogic Systems guarantees compliance with DOL and IRS regulations. Applogic Systems has minimized the risk of penalties using expertise and has provided highly talented independent contractors to numerous companies.

Our Solutions:

  • Worker Status Evaluation.
  • Identification and Assessment of Risk.
  • Payroll Options.
  • Outsourced Talent Onboarding.
  • Issual of 1099.
  • Documentation Completion,Maintenance.