About Us

Applogic Systems is an experienced and dynamic company that provides end to end solutions to various sectors. Based in Farmington, Michigan, our team has expertise in a wide variety of sectors ranging from IT services, Healthcare, and Engineering. Our team consists of the right combination of go getting young blood and seasoned professionals to provide agile and expert solutions.

We offer multitude of services to our customers. The idea is to provide a convenient, efficient and best in class service with insightful and holistic approach . We at Applogic Systems create vast pool of opportunities to our customers to find integrated solutions at one place. We believe chance favors only the prepared mind and we prepare you in your journey towards excellence.

Our IT services comprising of data warehousing, data management, and performance management, then moved into enterprise applications. We then, over the course of time, moved into software development, web development, and mobile application development. With the abundance of talent we have, we were able to complete numerous projects successfully.

After this phase, we moved on to the staffing industry. Our team has a great eye to pick talent and our move to the staffing industry seemed but natural. For quite some time, we provided staffing for the IT sector, then we gained foothold in medical staffing. With in no time, we have become medical staffing providers to reckon with.

Alongside our developments in the IT and Healthcare services, we have successfully established an Engineering Services wing that has its core services in Telematics, Mechanical Design & Analysis, Embedded Systems, and Automotive Controls. Our core philosophy and belief is that only satisfied customers bring in increased revenue.