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Healthcare IT Services

The changing dynamics of healthcare industry is majorly based on economic pressures, healthcare reforms, and the market dynamics. These changes hugely affect healthcare companies, and the manner of their operations. To understand and manage this complex scenario, healthcare companies need the help of a strategic partner for consulting. Healthcare companies have found the need to deliver greater value at lesser costs. For this, not only is there a pressure from government agencies, but also from consumers. To ensure that greater value is delivered, companies have to address issues of all the subsectors of the industry.

The quality and cost outcomes of pharmaceutical manufacturers must be reflected in their products and their costs. This is not limited to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Both the medical technology providers, insurance and healthcare delivery systems have to provide higher quality care at lesser costs. This might be quite a challenge without the help of a consulting partner who has in depth knowledge.

Applogic Systems has an in depth knowledge of healthcare industry and its regulations. We provide operational and IT consulting services to the healthcare industry. Our consulting services focus on healthcare IT management, revenue cycle optimization, interim management, and application delivery. Applogic Systems help healthcare organizations optimize and maximize operational efficiencies through enterprise and IT solutions. Applogic Systems has seasoned healthcare consultants who specialize in upgradation and implementation of IT services in all modules of EMR/HIS systems.

We have experienced IT consultants for all the aspects of healthcare.

Our Services:

  • Planning and Assessment before implementation.
  • Selection of the Vendor.
  • Implementation of the application.
  • Designing, building, validation and testing.
  • Training.
  • Support.
  • Project Management.
  • Integration & Optimization.
  • Process Redesign.
  • Content Management.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Storage & Virtualization.
  • Security.

Medical Staffing Services

Healthcare service providers often face workforce shortages and to combat this they need a strategic partnership with competent medical staffing services. Applogic Systems is a one stop solution to find skilled healthcare professionals. From nurse staffing to physician staffing to a pharmacist and a clinician, Applogic Systems provides comprehensive medical staffing solutions.

Physician Staffing

There are times when healthcare service providers find themselves falling short of workforce when the delivery systems are increasing. In fact it has been found that by 2025, the demand for physicians go up reaching a percentage of 17%. To fill this gap, healthcare systems need a strategic tie up with a competent and available medical staffing agency. Applogic Systems provides temporary and permanent physician staffing with a large and diverse pool of talent. We help healthcare agencies to provide top patient care while maintaining quality, efficiency and profitability.

With the growing number of healthcare centers, retail clinics, and urgent care centers along with a growing number of hospitals and community health centers, there certainly is a need to address the shortage of physicians. Applogic Systems has an innovative and reliable physician staffing solutions that encompasses both temporary and permanent physician staffing and placement services along with a wide network of doctors.

Partner with Applogic Systems to manage your healthcare recruitment process for temporary, per diem, and permanent physicians.

Our healthcare staffing service also includes placement of cardiovascular technologists, CT technologists, Radiologic technologists, MRI technologists, physical therapists, pharmacy technicians, medical laboratory technicians and many other skilled and allied healthcare professionals.

Nurse Staffing

When it comes to nurse staffing and recruitment, Applogic Systems provides a wide variety of staffing services. From a nurse for acute care facility to a permanent nurse for medical practice, we provide all kinds of nurses including home care nurses. We have a specialized method to check skills and quality that is stringently followed. We ensure that the nurses have the requisite training, clinical competencies, and licensures. Applogic Systems has an evaluation procedure for every client’s specific requirements.

Our nurse staffing services provide

  • Temporary Nurse Staffing
  • Permanent Nurse Staffing
  • Travelling Nurse Staffing
  • Per Diem Nurse Staffing
  • Critical care Staffing